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Party Makeup 2 - Champagne Dreams

  • 2 min read


Party season is in full swing. You wouldn't wear the same dress twice, would you wear the same makeup? Here's a long-wearing, surprisingly fresh and shimmering look to take you right through New Year's Eve.

  • Begin with flawless foundation and a good flush to the cheeks. if you need a reminder, refer back to Holiday Makeup Part 1.
  • Apply a small amount Champagne Silk Eye Gloss to the entire lid, lash line to brow. Blend well with the ring finger. Allow to dry for a few seconds.
  • Use the Eye Contour Brush to apply Champagne PurePressed Eye Shadow into the crease, using a windshield wiper motion.
  • With the Small Fluff Brush, apply Taupe PurePressed Eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye, wrapping it around under the lower lashes.
  • Create a color wash with Champagne 24-Karat Gold Dust: tap some into the lid and spritz with your favorite Hydration Spray. Use your finger or the Deluxe Shader Brush to press it into the entire eyelid. Use the Detail Brush to tightly line the lower lash line, being sure to keep some of the Taupe visible.
  • Tight-line the upper lash line with Basic Brown Eye Pencil. You may wish to use the Detail Brush (I always do!) to really wiggle the color into the lash line. This shouldn't really show as "eyeliner" but rather as definition. Keep it tight to the lashes and soft.
  • Add shimmer anywhere you want by applying 24-Karat Gold Dust dry, with a White Fan Brush. Places to consider are the cheek bones, brow bones, collar bones, earlobes, etc.
  • Finish with a coat of PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner on top and bottom lashes; then several coats of Jet Black PureLash Lengthening Mascara.
  • Complete your look with Mimosa PureGloss Lip Gloss. For added pout, dab 24-Karat Gold Dust in the center of the bottom lip.

Have a wonderful holiday and a GORGEOUS New Year!

Chelsea Simmons

Chelsea Simmons

Chelsea began her beauty journey in 2010 as a fashion and beauty freelancer at Ladies’ Home Journal magazine. There she had the chance to test and review hundreds of products while quickly falling for the benefits the clean makeup she tried. After leaving the magazine industry, she worked as a publicist for international fragrance and beauty brands until 2016 when she landed at jane iredale. Here, she has discovered liquid eyeliner doesn’t have to burn her eyes, foundation doesn’t have to feel heavy, and that the jane iredale Global Educators truly have the best beauty hacks. Since then, she’s shared her 10+ years of experience with you on The Good Glow Blog.