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Day to Night Fall Makeup For Warm Tones

  • 5 min read


Every year, I can’t wait for fall styles, and particularly fall makeup! Even when it’s still too warm for boots and chunky knits, makeup allows me to get in the mood. There are so many options with goWarmEye Steppes, it was hard to narrow down what looks to create for our day to night video. I worked a few of this fall’s key trends together - red lips and cat eyes for day; bronze smoky eyes and nude lips for night – to create easy and fun makeup that goes on in less than ten minutes. To begin, I started with Active Light Under-eye Concealer #2 under my eyes, applied straight from the tube and patted in with my ring finger. Next I used the Chisel Powder Brush to apply Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder in Warm Sienna to my face and neck. Finally, I had a bit of LipDrink Lip Balm on my lips (as always). For the daytime look:
  1. Apply a tiny amount of Lemon Lid Primerto the lids and blend gently with the finger from lashes to crease. A little in the inner corner brightens the eyes!
  2. From goWarmEye Steppes, apply the base shade Beach to the entire lid, lashes to brows, using the Deluxe Shader. Again, blending into the inner corner of the eye brightens the whole area.
  3. Apply Dark Topaz Mystikol directly to the outer three-quarters of the upper lash line. Draw the line thicker as it goes out. You can create a “kitten” eye by lining tight to the lashes, thickening slightly and extending only a bit past the outer corner of the eye. For a more dramatic cat eye, make it thicker, more pronounced and wing it right out to the side. Always flick it up slightly at the outermost edge to lift the eye. I love using Mystikol for this because you get the intensity of liquid liner but it is much more forgiving to apply. If you still don’t feel confident you can get a nice, straight line, use the Angle Definer brushto pick up color from the tip of the Mystikol, and sketch it on.
  4. Follow by layering top lashes only with PureLash Lash Extender & Conditionerand several coats of Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Black Ice.
  5. Use WhiteEyePencilto line the inner rim of the lower lash line.
  6. For a soft glow, tap on a bit of In Touch Cream Blush in Confidenceto the apples of the cheeks. Blend gently, up and out. Go lightly here because…
  7. The last step is RED lips. Line the lips with a neutral pencil that matches your lips. I used SpiceLip Pencil. Then fill in lips with a full dose of PassionLip Fixationstraight from the tube. It is the perfect shade of cherry red, and looks great with warm or cool tones. There is no need to add gloss; a soft semi-matte finish looks great with this look. If you feel a bit shy about wearing a bright shot of red, dot it on and spread with your finger tips. You get the same shade, but with less intensity (and impact. I encourage you to try it full strength).
This look really takes only three minutes, but does require a steady hand! Later, it’s so easy to go from day to night. When shooting the video, I really did not remove or change my makeup at all before starting the next look… I just scrubbed my lips a bit with a Magic Mittand applied a bit more LipDrink. For the nighttime look:
  1. Use Dot the i Makeup Remover Swabs to tame the wings of liner. For the smoky eye look, all the makeup should stay pretty well within the outer corner of the eye.
  2. Using Dark Topaz Mystikol, draw a thick line from the upper lashes about a third of the way up the lid, from inner to outer corner. There is no need to be precise. This is going to look messy until the very last minute – when it all comes together magically – so bear with me! Connecting from the outer corner, line thickly under the eyes, right to the inner corner. Be brave!
  3. With the Crease brush, apply Sandals from goWarm (the shimmery, dark shade in the bottom steppe) to the outer two-thirds of the lid, right to the crease, but not above it. Blend from the outer corner in towards the middle.
  4. Wipe off your brush, and use it to apply Sunshine (the neutral shade in the middle steppe) to the inner third, blending from the inner corner out. Blend the two shades together.
  5. Use a bit of Steamy (next to Sunshine) to accent the crease, using the same brush. Blend again so all the shades melt together.
  6. Use the Mini Dome brush to line the upper and lower lashes with Mojito, (the lovely green-tinted brown in the bottom steppe). Apply it over the Mystikol, blending with the brush as you go.
  7. Use the Deluxe Shader to swipe Beach, the light base shade, from crease to brow, and in the inner corner. This will add some brightness and keep the look from becoming scary! I also use this lightest color to blend away any stray smudges at the outer corner of the eye or in the crease.
  8. Rim the waterline with Black Eye Pencil. Va-VOOM!
  9. The wonderful thing about Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara is you can pile more on top without any clumpiness, so add lots! Wiggle the brush right at the base of the lashes and then flare it out to the sides. Remember the bottom lashes as well.
  10. Next add a subtle flush of color on the cheeks. Please go light handed here, to keep the attention on the eyes. I chose Whisper from Warm My Steppes (it also comes individually). The Dome brush to deposits just the right amount of color in one sweep.
  11. I love Complete In Touch Highlighterto add light to the face, without shimmer. I don’t want shimmer competing for attention with the eyes, I just want to brighten up the look a bit. Use the fingertips to blend it straight into the highest point of the cheekbone, moving from the center of the eye out.
  12. Nude lips are smoky eyes’ best friend. Apply Mania Lip Fixation straight from the tube, give it about thirty seconds to set and then apply plenty of gloss from the other end.
I know it is more than ten steps, but it takes less than ten minutes to apply. The key is to be confident and blend a lot! Enjoy the fall and all the new trends. Do you have any new looks or favorite trends you plan to play with this fall? Please share!
Chelsea Simmons

Chelsea Simmons

Chelsea began her beauty journey in 2010 as a fashion and beauty freelancer at Ladies’ Home Journal magazine. There she had the chance to test and review hundreds of products while quickly falling for the benefits the clean makeup she tried. After leaving the magazine industry, she worked as a publicist for international fragrance and beauty brands until 2016 when she landed at jane iredale. Here, she has discovered liquid eyeliner doesn’t have to burn her eyes, foundation doesn’t have to feel heavy, and that the jane iredale Global Educators truly have the best beauty hacks. Since then, she’s shared her 10+ years of experience with you on The Good Glow Blog.