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How to Improve Your Daily Beauty Routine

  • 2 min read


The start of a new year is the perfect time to re-evaluate things— your job, your diet, and even your daily beauty routine. We find this process of reflection and goal-setting (making resolutions, if you will) helpful when trying to maintain a healthy, balanced life. Balance is important to us because we believe it is the foundation of wellness. Some people define wellness as eating right or being fit, but we believe it's more than that. It's about living a well-rounded life full of healthy activities, loving friends and family, and enjoying the little things like eating a piece of chocolate (or pizza) every now and then. This is also the approach we take to ensure we have a healthy daily beauty routine.

Feed, Fortify, and Finish your Daily Beauty Routine

A healthy skincare and beauty routine should not be a burden. It shouldn't restrict you from wearing the makeup looks you love, but it should be balanced. If one of your resolutions for the next year, month or week is to improve your beauty routine, we would like to introduce you to our Feed, Fortify, Finish approach to skincare and makeup. The overall idea is that healthy skin is achieved from the inside and out, and your daily beauty routine should reflect this. Watch the video below to learn more about Feed, Fortify, Finish from Jane.

So, while you re-evaluate your daily beauty routine, remember...
FEED your body nutrients through food and skincare supplements to help encourage skin health. FORTIFY your skin with gentle cleansers and nourishing moisturizers to set a good base for your makeup. FINISH your look with clean makeup that has skincare benefits to round our your healthy daily beauty routine.