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Change your life, change your makeup, part 3

  • 3 min read


If you have just successfully shed extra weight, or happily celebrated your 45th (60th, 83rd) birthday, congratulations! However, if your face now seems a bit deflated, don't let it dampen your spirits.


Life change: loss of facial volume due to aging or weight loss. Although it's a natural part of aging and weight loss, if you don't like it, don't take it lying down. There are lots of procedures to add volume back to the face, but facial fillers aren't your thing (and you are OK with a much subtler effect), try playing with light instead. Makeup change: trompe-l'oeil Trompe-l'oeil means "deceive the eye," and with makeup we can do this with light and shadow. Light and reflective makeup brings things forward, dark, matte makeup causes things to recede. People are pretty familiar with using darker shades to contour under the cheekbones or down the sides of the nose, but what if you want the opposite? I think you can see where I am going with this.
  • Cheeks: the sculpted-cheek look is not for us, no matter how on-trend it is. In fact, we are going to reverse it. Start with a warm, shimmery PurePressed Blush like Whisper for fair to medium skin tones, and Flushed for darker skin tones. A shade that is a tiny bit lighter than your natural skin tone is best. Using the Dome Brush or the White Fan Brush (depending on your preference), swirl it in the hollow under your cheek bone and out toward the hairline. With the same brush, add cool, matte pink to the apple of your cheeks, a bit darker is OK here, I like Barely Rose. Blend them together well and voila: sweet cheeks!

Barely Rose Blush

  • Eyes: contoured eye shadow can make your eyes look hollow, and droopy (yikes!). Skip the classic "medium lids, dark crease and light brow bone." Instead, try a wash of light gently shimmering shadow blended from lashes to brow. Please avoid anything too light or it will look harsh. Opt for a shade that is close to your skin tone (the skin of your forehead, not your eyelids, which can darken with sun exposure and age), or maybe a shade lighter. Our Eye Glosses are a wonderful option. Alternatively, try using a triple with the lightest shade from lashes to crease, the medium shade slightly above the crease, to lift the eye, and the darkest shade just in the outer quarter of the upper lash line. With both of these, darken the lash line with liner. Dark brown or grey is softer than black, but if you love your rock 'n' roll eyeliner, like I do, go right ahead! Work it right into the outer two- thirds of the upper lashes, and outer third of the lower lashes. This adds definition that won't age you. Remember mascara!
Mature Eyes An example from our makeover room
  • Lips: I have never seen my mom without lipstick, and now that I am (well) into my 40s, I get it. Pale lips drain the face, but overly lined, bright lips can look harsh. Step one is to maintain maximum moisture. Step 2 is to protect them from sun damage. Cover both of these steps with LipDrink Lip Balm! Now let's move on to color and finish. If your lips seem to be deflating, matte, dark or bright lipstick may increase that effect. I urge you to try something with a bit sheen or outright gloss. Just Kissed Lip Plumpers have the prettiest, moist shine, without being glossy. PureGloss Lip Glosses have more shine, but won't give you that glassy, vinyl look that may feel too trendy. With both of these formulas, the finish is sheer enough that you can play with color without it becoming overwhelming, and you know there are loads of ingredients that will nourish your lips too keep them looking and feeling their best.
For me, that is what it's really all about: feeling our best, so we can get on with our day doing the things that are really important. The last post in this series will be for all you risk-takers out there: when you change your hair (I mean really change it) do you think to change your makeup? We do!


Chelsea Simmons

Chelsea Simmons

Chelsea began her beauty journey in 2010 as a fashion and beauty freelancer at Ladies’ Home Journal magazine. There she had the chance to test and review hundreds of products while quickly falling for the benefits the clean makeup she tried. After leaving the magazine industry, she worked as a publicist for international fragrance and beauty brands until 2016 when she landed at jane iredale. Here, she has discovered liquid eyeliner doesn’t have to burn her eyes, foundation doesn’t have to feel heavy, and that the jane iredale Global Educators truly have the best beauty hacks. Since then, she’s shared her 10+ years of experience with you on The Good Glow Blog.